Fudgeina Birthday Box

What better way to celebrate a birthday than a Fudgeina Birthday Box!

It includes:
An Edible Vulva/Vagina in any flavour.
A birthday Card with free personalised message.
A birthday badge.

Choose from 3 card designs, please take note of the card number for ordering:
Card 1: 'My Vagina is Your Present'
Card 2: 'Today is the Day You Were Forced Out of a Vagina'
Card 3: 'On This Day You Came Out of a Vagina, Today You're Eating One'

Choose from 2 badges:
Birthday Boy
Birthday Girl

Want a different badge? We understand that pronouns aren't correct for everyone, so just let us know when you order and we'll try help out!

Delivered to anywhere in the world.
Please note, we ship from the UK so it can take several days to arrive in the rest of world, so order early!

Fudgeina Birthday Box