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2019 Wrapped: A Year in Edible Vaginas

2019 was the year Fudgeina was created, and it’s been a huge year for us.

Data seems popular at the minute, so we thought we’d pull the data on the vaginas we’ve sold this year to give you an insight into who is buying vaginas.

We delivered to 422 cities this year, in 23 countries. Below is the percentage of sales to each country. As expected, Great Britain was the biggest buyer of vaginas. 62% of our orders were to somewhere on this side of the Pond. America came in second, with 26% on orders.

The most popular city was London, followed closely by Manchester, Bristol and Birmingham.

If we get down into streets, one street in West Houghton, Bolton, bought two vaginas at separate addresses, making it the world’s most popular street for buying Vagina (except maybe an Amsterdam street, but we can’t confirm).

The most popular name of someone receiving a vagina is Chris. This makes Chrises the most degenerate person you could know as their friends are more likely to think you want a Vagina.

The furthest a Fudgeina has travelled is 11,553 miles to New Zealand. That’s 177,036 football pitches or 121,999,680 Fudgeinas laid top to bottom. That’s a lot of fudge. The shortest distance from our packing HQ was only 4.7 miles away, we could’ve delivered it in person in around 18 minutes.

The most orders from a single person? 8 Fudgeinas. At once. We love it.

The most popular flavour of this year? Unsurprisingly our cream egg. An Easter vagina is a much better alternative to an egg. Makes more sense anyway.

The most popular time to order is 11:36:03. Separate days, but this seems to be peak edible vagina buying time.

So I hope you feel informed in how the world buys edible vaginas.

Thank you so much for such a fun first year, we have all sorts planned for next year so stay tuned for more.

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