Frequently asked questions

Are Fudgeina's vegan?

Yes! Our full sized Fudgeinas are vegan fudge. Our mini fudgeinas and cockolates are sadly not vegan.

Can i add a message with the Fudgeina?

Yes! Just type it in to the box at the purchase screen and we’ll lovingly handwrite the note on one of our Fudgeina cards and put it in the envelope with your Fudgeina.

How is it delivered?

It will be sent in a generic, unassumnning box. This ensures to keep it in the best condition, but also is unassuming enough to let your victim open it wherever they are.

Can i use it... personally?

We wouldn’t advise it, but if you’re protected we won’t judge you. Just please don’t try to return it afterwards.

Can i suggest a flavour?

We’re always up for hearing what you want, so drop us a message here.

How big are they?

Fudgeinas are about 6 inches long, 3 inches wide and one inch deep. Perfect depth for your friend to almost fill it up! Our minis are each around 2 inches long and an inch wide!

Is this a vagina?

No, it's actually anatomically a vuvla. But we're not witty or smart enough to think of a name that includes that. We just thought the similarity in sound between vagina and Fudgeina was funny so we went with it!

Can i buy more than 3 packs of minis at a discount?

Yes! If you want to buy minis for your business, then contact us to discuss larger orders!

Who makes them?

All our Fudgeinas and Minis are made by approved Chocolatiers and Fudge Makers working to the highest standards of food hygene and safety. The Fudgeinas are dirty, but not in that way.